Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy New Year....7 things you don't (need to) know about me

Let the frivolity not end yet. I have been tagged by Sarah so here goes:

1. I climbed the highest mountain in Northern Ireland for the first time last week. I grew up a few miles away from it.
2. My first trip outside the British Isles was to Croatia a few weeks after my 21st birthday. I spent the summer working as a volunteer in a refugee camp. I travelled from Belfast to Zagreb by bus.
3. I got a super crew tie-pin for selling 47 quarter pounder with cheese deluxes in one weekend. This was in Belfast's first McDonalds in 1991.
4. In 1998 I stood in the first elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly. I wasn't elected.
5. My mum made and embroidered my Irish dancing costume when I was 8.
6. My husband is great at roasting things.... intentionally, like chicken.
7. I go to bed too late.

Thanks Sarah:)


  1. You sure do go to bed too late but I'm glad you did today cos I enjoyed our meet up in Second Life.

  2. I'm going to relabel this post conversation starters aka @mweller!


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