Thursday, 30 September 2010

"Don't Lecture Me"- but do watch Donald Clark

Donald Clark gave this highly engaging lecture on why we should not be using lectures at the ALT-C (Association for Learning Technology Conference) 2010. Many medical schools in the UK, at least, have moved away, or are moving away, from the lecture format. But just in case we forget why that is a good idea, Donald Clark gives us a few good reasons.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. We use the Ferris Bueller video here as well. Great example of how not to use questions!

    We continue to lecture but hopefully we are getting better at involving students. One of our profs actually quizzed med students anonymously and many of them said they learned more in lectures than in his case-based class. Supports my believe that we need a variety of teaching methods.

  2. Interesting how negative he is about Gagne and objectives.

  3. Thanks Deirdre. Yes, I picked up on the reference to Gagne as well. Clark is strong on a lecture as having a narrative and I guess, that objectives up front don't work so well there. But they do if you are getting people to do work- they know what they are trying to achieve. I meant to go and look up any research on this.

  4. Interesting... "lecturing not to lecturte" it's like an Athiest saying "Oh my God, How can I convince you there is no God...!"


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