Saturday, 30 July 2011

Crowd Sourcing Medical Education

Today I received the following tweet from a Maltese medical student, @karambinu :
i need help in finding web tools for medical you have any ideas I could start off with?"

So how can we find and share the best resources for medical education online? There are lots of great curation tools emerging like but where to find the best content to put there?

A database might be useful. But how to crowdsource it? Below is  a google form which I've just set-up. You can see the results here. And here is a for cardiology in #meded which shows how you might want to use the results.  This is only a start. What would be a better way of doing this? If you have any ideas please leave a comment. And if you use the spreadsheet to curate leave a link. And don't be afraid to publicise your won work!


  1. Good idea to put the google form together.
    I think the tweet that sparked this post highlights that many students still aren't aware of how they can use technology to support their learning and the range of tools that they can use to curate content but also to network with others and see what collections of content they've found. A diigo group would be a simple way of curating useful websites that support medical education. Students could also use delicious and start to network with others there and subscribe to RSS feeds of others bookmarks or sepcific tags.
    There's also tools like Netvibes (that I've sort of forgotten about) that can serve as a 'faux repository' interface with different widgets bringing in feeds for specific tags.
    Will be nice to see your google database develop.

  2. Thanks Natalie. I think that ideally we would get subject experts curating the best content in their field. And I think we need easy to use front-ends. A wiki will never have mass appeal (for input at least) and a spreadsheet produced from a googleform will only made sense to those that know their way around.
    I think Netvibes has a slightly different function. Maybe we should research which ways of producing content are most meaningful to students? :)

  3. Agree about getting subject experts to curate content, going to see if I can do this locally via Delicious & Diigo and bring in feeds to our medblogs. Will see how it goes. Would be interesting to research which ways of producing/presenting content students find most meaningful :)

  4. Indeed= presenting was what I meant! It would be great if you could get your local colleagues started on this- and then others can suggest content to them or start something else themselves.

  5. Will let you know how I get on :)


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