Sunday, 8 April 2012

100+ women healthcare academics

About 50 100 women academics on Twitter (in no particular order)

Last month a blog post listing "50 Medical School Professors You Should Be Following On Twitter" was doing the rounds on Twitter. We can all make our own lists and blog about them- it's one of the great things about social media. This list seemed short on women -something picked up by Professor Trisha Greenhalgh who tweets as @trishgreenhalgh. An extremely productive academic she shows better than anyone else I know how and why an academic should be on Twitter. Deciding that we needed a list that would flag up women healthcare academics she started the hashtag, #womenhealthcareacademics. She asked people to nominate others and themselves. Who is a woman healthcare academic? Simply: " those we classify, or who self-classify,as [a] women, [b] h/c and [c] academic ". This is an inclusive list. It is not just doctors or women who work in universities. It includes many doctoral students and others working in the community. 

What follows is the list crowd-sourced by Trish. I offered to host it for her on this blog and then realised  that I had not nominated some of my own favourite women healthcare academics on Twitter so I have added these at the end. I've pulled everyone together in a Twitter list which you can find here. We're sure that there are many other people that should be in this list but aren't. Please leave a message in the comments or tweet using the #womenhealthcareacademics tag. 

@amcunningham Medical educator from Cardiff, UK. “Determined not to be one of the sheep”. 6000+ followers
@SarahStewart Educator, consultant, facilitator. 2500+ followers
@fidouglas medical student, co-founder of @twitjournalclub 1000+ followers
@misselspeth Medical student intercalating with PhD in medical education. 400+ followers
@ajburls Director of postgrad education at Oxford Centre for Evidence Based Medicine
Other educators recommended by Twitter community: @kathwoolf @clairehamshire @suzannevee 

@marionnestle Professsor in dept of nutrition, food studies, public health. 80,000+ followers
@aetiology Microbiologist / epidemiologist 3000+ followers
@AllysonPollock Academic, public health doc, 2000+ followers 
@murzee Physician / public health blogger. 1600+ followers
@ProfKEPickett “Social epidemiologist, co-author of 'The Spirit Level' and co-founder of The Equality Trust”. 1200+ followers
@imaginarygf “Stats nerd” 1300+ followers
@lou_hurst  “Public health, epi, stats and stuff”. 500+ followers
@MegPopHealth epidemiology / nutrition. 500+ followers
@siobhanfarmer Public health registrar, runner. 400+ followers
@angelaraffle “Public health medic, interest in sustainable economies” 300+ followers
@gingerly_onward “Newbie epidemiologist with interest in clinical outcomes research, ehealth” 200+ followers
@erica_pool pulic health, NHS, climate change, more. 200+ followers
@profhelenward Academic and activist, public health focus 100+ followers
Plus others in public health / epidemiology recommended by Twitter community: @jennyhall33 @helen_barratt @vanessasaliba  @jeanmadams @Talkingwalking @dr_asbo   @epidemiologista @sadieboniface @Sara__Johnson

@mgtmccartney “Evidence, medical professionalism, politics, screening, risk + more” 1200+ followers 
@trishgreenhalgh Doctor (GP), academic, agitator, ageing athlete. 1700+ followers
@JuliaHCox GP epidemiologist, QRisk queen 
@PennyL50 Academic nurse with interest in depression management
@ClareRCGP Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners and soon to be honorary Professor at King's College London

@kbloor Health economist 450 followers

@DTFinegood Professor in systems thinking from Canada
@DinaBalabanova Health systems researcher, LSHTM
@TaranehDeann @butlerceri @RowanM   @ir4b health services research

@silv24 Junior doc, global health, in @Twitjournalclub, 2000+ followers
@dr_fiona Hospital doc. Nudging 2000 followers
@drmlb Professor of Pediatric Surgery, USA
@DrMarkham Haematologist, oncologist 600+ followers
@VerranDeborah Transplant surgeon, Australia
@DrSuparnaDas Anaesthetist with MBA 300+ followers
@ingridjohanna66 “UK child health on the front line” 300+ followers 
@lungsatwork respiratory consultant

@ani2tall cell biologist, working mum. 200+ followers

@drpetra Psychologist, ‘evidence-based agony aunt’, sexual health researcher, also tweets about combining motherhood with academic work. 7000+ followers
@doseofnuxvomica Psychiatry and music. 600+ followers
@soozaphone doing PhD on cannabis / psychosis / depression. 400 followers
@essividing professor of developmental psychopathology. 200+ followers
@whole_patients “Demystifying psychiatry and psychotherapy for patients and doctors”

@Viil “Socio-technical PhD student” 2000 followers
@Ermintrude2 Social policy, health policy, social care, social justice. 1700+ followers 
@HealthCulture Historian of science/medicine 1000+ followers
@JulieLeask Social scientist, Sydney. 600+ followers
@KateT_health “Health policy, post-socialism, higher education” 300 folllowers
@nzruthdesouza Academic nurse from NZ, social justice / feminism. 400 followers 
@ProfSandyOliver Sociologist, “making knowledge more democratic”. 200+ followers
@cj_pope Medical sociology prof
@profsophieday Anthropology prof
@jomaybin Fellow in health policy at Kings Fund
@lizforbat therapist working in cancer care

@JAdvNursing Journal of Advanced Nursing (edited by a man, but many excellent papers relevant to women academics and practitioners). 1100+ followers
@Ed_N_Researcher Editor of Nurse Researcher 800+ followers
@trished BMJ / BMJ Open 1300+ followers
@katiejcole “Public health doc, co-founder of Lancet UK Policy Matters”. 500+ followers
@deb_cohen BMJ investigations editor

@mariawolters E-health 700+ followers
@renarde “liberal atheist feminist geek” 600+ followers
@christineburns Equality / diversity, business / IT
@geodianna Geographer who maps health data 
@fraslette Geographer / population health analyst
@Keeping_Mum carer 100+ followers
@Subu_OT Occupational therapy + art. 400 followers

Anne Marie's nominees not otherwise included!
@salma_patel - doctoral student at Warwick in eHealth and frequent contributor to the #nhssm (NHS social media) discussions
@deevybee Professor of developmental neuropsychology who has a great blog
@claireOT OT and blogger and so much more
@nlafferty Lead for elearning in Dundee medical school sometimes to be found leading #meded chats with me
@bonnycastle One of the first medical education bloggers, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 
@thinkbirth A passionate scholarly midwife
@bronwynah Speech pathologist and NHRMC post-doctoral fellow (and her colleagues    )
@VirtualOT Canadian OT and PhD student 
@evidencematters Great tweets on EBM etc
@motherinmed Internist, medical educator and researcher, and blogger 
@jane_mooney medical educator, PhD student, training in a/e (can code in Flash!)
@elaineleung Training as an academic in O/G
@kateellington  Physician in training- with particular interest in global health and health disparities 
@drjengunter Obs and gynae doctor, and blogger who often uses her 'lasso of truth' :)
@kind4kids academic paediatrician 
@suzanakm Palliative care doctor and medical educator 
@kerryhood Statistician and trialist- and a very good friend and colleague in Cardiff University
@claudiamegele Psychotherapist and senior lecturer and great tweeter
@psychepi psychiatric epidemiologist and policy analyst
@laylamccay UK doctor relocated to DC- tweets about all the very interesting events she attends
@laikas Dutch medical librarian with a fantastic blog 
@susannahfox researcher for Pew Internet on the place where technology meets healthcare
@cascadia Patient centred design evangelist- says it all:) 
@pfanderson emerging technologies librarian, ehealth, blogger 
@nfreundlich journalist, health policy wonk and blogger
@lindy2350 CUNY adjunct professor, journalist focussing on health policy
@shannonbrownlee researcher and author of 'Overtreated' 
@marilynmann Lawyer, breast cancer survivor, blogger
@drkkolmes psychologist and blogger
@emmaburnettx doing a PhD on risk perceptions of C Diff, nurse, lecturer
@loracenna nursing professor likes killer heels!
@faejones Medical student and @medsinUK joint national coordinator
@anyagopfert National policy and advocacy director for @medsinuk
@ellypilavachi Co-chair of BMA medical students committee
@genbois medical student with passion for global health
@snaraghi Training director for @medsinuk
@katerinahilari SLT, reader in acquired language impairment 
@naomi_cocks SLTsenior lecturer at City University
@nicolabotting Reader in developmental language impairment at City University, London 
@maroeskarovers professor of evidence-based surgery
@nicolainnes academic dentist and blogger
@profsuewhite Professor of Social Work at University of Birmingham
@brigid39 OU social work professor 
@annehollows Social work academic specialising in children and families policy and practice
@meganqb Professor of Healthcare education at Newcastle university, UK
@gillybean42 education adviser on medical, dental and veterinary education to HEA
@glittrgirl enthusiast for open educational resources in medical education. and she knits!
@m2hansen assocaite professor, school of Nursing, university of San Francisco 
@coleenkraft paediatrician and medical educator 
@drbarbara1 researcher in autistic intelligence
@catbonfiglioli senior lecturer in media studies, with special interest in portrayal of obesity, Sydney
@closetohomeMD paediatrician, blogger, Virginia USA
@francesmair Professor of general practice at Glasgow University 
@jessienyc Sociologist, cyber racism, at CUNY 
@drpattiethomas medical sociologist, educator and blogger 
@lisagualtieri teaches digital stategies for health communication and more at TUFTS
@m_lin emergency medicine physician at UCSF - blogger++
@drbrid Irish, public health pragmatic realist! 
@doctorblogs one of the first UK female doctors on Twitter with excellent EBM based tweets:)
@doctorpreneur Training as psychiatrist, with special interest in clinical leadership and author of MBA for Medics 
@gastromom gastroenterologist and blogger
@TaborF doctor and writer, researcher at Hopkins 
@iClinicalApps UK doctor training in paediatrics, now in Sydney working on health innovation and #meded
@dbensonsmith Professor of politics, race, gender and public policy 
@ProfHolloway bioethics, gender, race, medicine and law

Suggested by twittersphere 
@drcris PhD student and general surgical registrar
@doctorfullerton physician blogger
@dr_ginni Sydney media doctor
@dr_val founder of better health- medical blog collective 
@doctorJLB Melbourne based doctor interested in malaria and economics 
@anacfelix neurologist and educator


  1. @DrJenGunter - Ob/Gyn, pain medicine, with an interest in neonatology

  2. Cool list. Please add @Kind4Kids to this list. Phenomenal academic pediatrician!

  3. @amltaylor66 social work academic

  4. Great list of healthcare academics. These people definitely all deserve following! :)

    I know when @Sara__Johnston asked me, I had almost 3 tweets full of people off the top of my head - and that wasn't even difficult :)

  5. As someone who has worked and campaigned for breaking the glass ceiling, I find this list as an excellent tool. Your selection is great!
    I would add Margaret Hansen at USF-nursing(Health Informatics
    Technology and Higher Education
    On-line Learning
    Attitudes toward Technology)

  6. Thanks for including social scientists (and me :-) ). It helps us find one another.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Great list! Perhaps you might consider adding @FrancesMair? Professor of GP at Glasgow University with an interest in treatment burden, person centred care, and e-health who uses Normalization Process Theory a lot to understand implementation issues.

  9. I see you've already added these, thanks, but here's details for your blog readers who may be interested:

    @JessieNYC : Associate Professor of Urban Public Health at Hunter College and the Graduate Center-CUNY. Also a Senior Fellow at the Center for Health, Media and Policy (CHMP) at Hunter College. 4,920 followers

    @drpattiethomas : medical sociologist, teaches Sociology at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada. Writes on sociology of obesity and disability, among others things. Author of “I Take Up Space” blog at Psychology Today ( 448 followers

  10. Great job with this, Anne Marie, and honored to be included among such great academics

  11. Great job with this, Anne Marie, and honored to be included among such great academics

  12. Phenom list, thanks for the inclusion of social scientists as well as researchers from across the spectrum from those at R1's, teaching schools and research labs.

  13. The lab science category is a bit sparse, considering how many of us there are!

    How about me?
    @thecancergeek - postdoctoral fellow in breast cancer therapeutics, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 1231 followers

    @SugarScientist - newly graduated oncology/biochemistry PhD student, 860 followers

    @doc_becca - new professor of neuroscience, 1339 followers

  14. Great list. Thanks for including me. Started following new people already. With a broad definition of health @carinavr offers great tweets from the southern hemisphere.

  15. Natalie Blencowe9 April 2012 at 10:33

    Some surgical names for the list:

    @blazebyj - Jane Blazeby professor of surgery & honorary consultant upper GI surgeon

    @natalieblencowe - NIHR doctoral research fellor and general surgical SpR

    @shelleypotter2 - general surgical SpR and honorary post-doctoral research fellow

    @angecottrell - urology SpR completing MSc in medical education

  16. Fabulous list...thanks for including me :)

  17. As well as myself (@JackieKirkham) in the social sciences section (health visitor, PhD on sexual/repro health in e.Europe, about to start as Res Fellow at Uni of Ed doing the qualitative bit of a multi-site diabetes RCT), I'd also add (apologies for any you've already got):

    @EricaOBS - new to Twitter, RF at LSHTM, works on health in transition reports
    @SarahStewart - NZ nurse/midwife educator
    @strictlykaren - nurse lec/PhDer at Edinburgh Napier Uni
    @bronwynah - postdoc speech pathologist
    @DoctorJLB - doing PhD, health economics, malaria
    @JulieLeask - lecturer, immunisations
    @brainduck - MPH student, York Uni

    In the journal section I'd also add @CommPrac, the journal of Community Practitioners & HV Association.

  18. I would like to suggest @yayayarndiva, she has invaluable research on mental health, child wellness focusing on people of color. This page is addictive, I will be sending my grad students here (great resource as they develop their research projects)!

  19. I'm a biological anthropologist who studies women's health - would love to be added:


  20. Brilliant list AnneMarie, thank you so much for putting it together, it is extremely useful (didn't realise I hadn't been following some key academics)!

    Also, many thanks for adding me at the top of your list, feel honoured to be amongst the company of such great academics and researchers! :)

  21. Great list Anne Marie!

    I'm not much engaged on twitter I'm more on LinkedIn and Facebook but with the resources you've shown now you give me the reason to be connected and love twitter for my medical career.

  22. Great list of woman healthcare thanks for sharing this great list Anne Marie!

  23. I would also like to recommend medical sociologist Prof Mary Dixon Woods @MaryDixonWoods. Great for safety and quality in healthcare.

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