Thursday, 10 May 2012

Your posts please for the global #hcsm review!

So what is #hcsm? The hashtag, #hcsm, has been used for a few years now. It means 'health care social media' and is about the use of social media in relation to health care. Tweets tagged with #hcsm tend to have a US focus, but other areas have started using their own tags too. So there is #hcsmca (Canada), #hscmanz (Australia and New Zealand), #hcsmeu (Europe), and #nhssm (social media in the UK's national health service).

Next, what is #hcsm review? A few months ago I was asked by David Harlow if I would like to help with curating blog posts related to health care and social media. I agreed and next week, on May 16th, there will be a post on my blog helping you to make sense of the posts publish in the previous few weeks. But to get there I need submissions!

I would particularly like to see posts writing about what social media means for healthcare outside of North America. I think the world of my colleagues on the other side of the Atlantic but I think we can all learn from what is happening around the world.

Any questions just leave a comment. Please submit your post through this form:

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