Monday, 19 November 2012

reddit for #meded

Reddit is one of those sites that seems to have been around for ever but that I have not understood. More recently it has been popping up in my Twitter timeline and elsewhere more often. So in the interests of learning by discovery I became a redditor a few hours ago and promptly set up a #meded subreddit.


Well, there seems to be a few good things about reddit.

It allows threaded discussions. 
It contributes to altmetrics on research articles. 
It allows community members to vote up and down content so adding a filter to the masses of new content we come across.
It might allow deeper engagement with content that tweets. 

And there has been some good discussion so far. What do you think? 


  1. Interesting Anne Marie good find. Reddit seems to have more functionality as you point out for social bookmarking - compared to delicious for example.

  2. Oh ... and you can get an RSS out of what you put in too (thought it doesn't seem to be documented very well). e.g.


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