Thursday, 12 December 2013

#1carejc - Primary Care Journal Club

This was an idea that started last summer- why don't we have an online primary care journal club? #twitjc - Twitter journal club is still going strong, but we always had the idea that wanted to try something different and try different forms of social media. A few weeks ago I spoke to Peter Sloane, an Irish GP, on google plus and he mentioned that he wanted to explore the potential of G+ for education so I suggested that #1carejc would be a great thing to try and get going.

We picked a paper on osteopathy in primary care that was suggested by David Lewis a few weeks before his death last summer. On our panel we had primary care researcher Ceri Butler who has also lived with chronic back pain for many years. Joining us from Australia was Karen Price, an Australian GP and educationalist who knew David Lewis well. I was just off the train from Cardiff to Manchester. Unfortunately we couldn't get Prof John Licciardione, the 1st author of the paper to join  the conversation- but we hope to catch up with him again.

Was it a success? Well yes, we had a good discussion about the context of this research on back pain- the experience of GPs and of patients. We had a little bit of time to discuss the research itself but we were missing the voice of the researcher. Our teething technical problems limited the amount of time we had to discuss the paper but it was only ever intended that the google plus hangout should be one part of a wider discussion about the research topic.

We hope that the discussion can continue in the google plus community we have started. And that the videos will be a resource that people can look back on. We'd appreciate any feedback you have especially if you can leave it in the google plus community.

So here it is! Skip the 1st part (technical mishaps) and start at about 27 mins in - or even at 32 mins in when Ceri starts speaking very powerfully about her experiences.

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