Thursday, 27 February 2014

Politicians badly briefed about data issues too?

At the end of the Parliamentary meeting on 'Patient rights and access to NHS data',
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health, Jane Ellison MP made the following statement:

"I should actually just before we close put on the record Mr Emerson, forgive me, but I think it is useful for colleagues, just in regard to the Faculty of Actuaries and the data there, and I think actually the Shadow Minister also alluded to this; just to put on the public record that the data that they used was publicly available, non-identifiable and in aggregate form."

This data as described in this blog post was not publicly available or in aggregate form. It was individual-level data that had to be specifically asked for from the NHSIC. 

Jane Ellison may have been referring to the report generated from the research done which is indeed publicly available, with aggregate analyses from which it would be impossible to identify an individual. But no one has concerns about the report.

You can watch her statement here at 16.16.30

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