Thursday, 18 December 2008

More networking options...

I am coming round to the idea that we need to leave as many traces as possible for people to find us. So to that end I want to mention a few of the places you can find the medical education community online at present. If you know more then please let me know:

First I found Deirdre Bonnycastle's Medical Education wiki.
And then the Medical Evolution NING.

By the end of October I was starting to use Twitter but I still had not made many medical educational contacts. Now there is a Twitter Medical Education Group which acts as a database.

In the meantime Natalie in Dundee started blogging too. We started discussing how we were using delicious and up came the diigo Medical Education group.

So where else might people be searching for a medical education community? Facebook was always a possibility so I have set up a group there too. And then I was reading about networking opportunities on AJ Cann's blog, and I thought that FriendFeed might be a good place to leave a trace as well. So I started a Medical Education room there too!

So that is a few bases covered. Where else do you think we should leave traces?


  1. You are so right about this. What about Facebook, Slideshare and YouTube?

    In the meantime, here's a little challenge for you if you have nothing better to do :)

  2. Hello Sarah!
    I'm back to work in the surgery today so I do have better things to do:) But I will catch up with it later.

    I have started a Facebook group. But I haven't got any content yet for youtube or slideshare so haven't started those accounts. But I will check again and see what is there already.

    Happy New Year!

  3. You might also try LinkedIn. I have seen many of my former students there. There might also be a linkedin group dealing with medical education.

    I would also look at the websites of medical education associations through out the world to see if they have any groups (links to groups) online.


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