Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What happens when you have a brilliant website but you don't have search and google doesn't seem to know about you?

Answer: your content can't be accessed and most people don't know about your website. EDIT Unless they search tripdatabase.

Behind the headlines is an excellent service. Here you can find the background to the latest health stories that you find reported in the UK press. The problem is that it is hard to find what is there. The NHS Choices website seems to exclude BtH from its search. Google doesn't seem to know about the content of the BtH website. Infact, the only way of getting to BtH content seems to be through Tripdatabase, the excellent metasearch.

But, BtH does have it's own twitter feed! Yes, you can follow @NHSNewsUk!

Maybe NHSChoices thinks that content in BtH is of no interest after a few days and that no-one will ever want to look past what is on their front page. They are wrong.

To me this is evidence why anyone who produces content should think about search first and social media later. Get the basics right.

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