Thursday, 18 April 2013

What you need to know about Twitter...

What you should know about twitter..... from Anne Marie Cunningham

This morning I had the great pleasure of giving this talk at a workshop on mobile learning in medicine and dentistry as part of the Changing the Learning Landscape project.

Arriving at the venue I thought it would be useful to record the audio of my session and share it on Slideshare. I didn't have my Zoom Q3 audio recorder with me so decided to record the audio on my iPhone. I downloaded an app Audio Memos and set it running.

When I got home I set about figuring out how to get the audio file off the iPhone and on to my computer. I tried emailing it but it was too big and I was advised to purchase the full version for 69p, But it was still too big to email. I tried and failed to enable servers but the solution was to send the file to google drive and then download it to laptop. It then needed to be converted from a .wav to mp3 file. Fortunately I had written a blog post about the first time I had made a slidecast, so I was able to refer to the screencast I had made in 2010 to remind myself how to use iTunes to do this! (Yay for self-archiving!)

It is still as easy as ever to sync audio with slides in Slideshare so the last stage was easy.

I think the end result is worth the effort. And I do think that when you are using mainly images in slides, hearing what someone is actually saying is pretty essential to understanding the point of the presentation. So I will try to do it again as I do more presentations this year.

Thanks to Jane and the team behind today's workshop for the great organistation, and to all the other really interesting presenters and such an engaged audience. A special plug for my colleague Duncan Cole for his great prezi on Digital Curation

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