Friday, 19 March 2010

CiteULike vs. Delicious

On Twitter tonight I was asked how CiteULike was different to Delicious. I recorded this quick screencast to show why a tool like CiteULike is so much more useful for managing academic references.


  1. Thanks Anne

    I haven't use CiteULike because It is very difficult for me to handling it, But thanks to your video it helps me to understand how useful it is useful for managing academic references.


    Student of Canadian college

  2. How would you compare CiteULike to Zotero?

  3. Hello Charles,
    Zotero does more than CiteuLike and for that extra functionality I use Mendeley. I don't use Zotero because I don't always use Firefox. Well, I rarely use FF, preferring Chrome at home. I'm guessing that you are a Zotero user?

  4. I use Zotero a little. I was just wondering what you thought. I hadn't heard of Mendeley before, but right after I read your comment, I then read Clay Spinuzzi's comments on it at
    It does sound interesting.


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