Thursday, 18 March 2010

Managing RSS feeds from journals/databases etc

Following on from my last post about how to get e-alerts (to your inbox) I wondered about what is really the best way to manage RSS feeds from journals and cuctom searches of databases. I didn't think Twitter would be a good way to have the conversation so I tried Friendfeed. Here is the discussion:

The most important thing I have learned (so far!) is that you can get Google Reader to send to CiteULike. Here is the link to show you how. Later I might do a screenr to show how I NOW manage RSS feeds:)


  1. Hi, I found this very interesting too, I like the pipe from the previous post.

    I have started also using RSSOwl because you can now import in Google Reader ones. I like Yahoo Pipes, not played around with for a while. I am involved with some crisis camp activity and on the Haiti Feed project they are using Yahoo Pipes for aggregation I think, from a google spreadsheet.

    Apologies but I have only started reading your blog in the last week or so, have you ever looked at grsshopper from Stephen Downes, its one I would like to look at but not got there yet.

    Elgg is very RSS friendly too, I'm still thinking about how to use as possible ways of using feeds in there too.

  2. I use Google reader for feeds and then open item I like in firefox (With Zotero) and import them into my zotero bibliography.
    ZOtero has a plug in for word so I can cite and create bibliographies

  3. HI Nicola,
    It's great that you found the blog. I feel very honoured!
    What is the advantage of RSSOwl over GReader?... apart from the fact that it is not Google!
    I was very slightly aware of Stephen's GRssHopper but when I look for it now I can't find any live links so it would be great if you could send them on:)
    I have recorded a few screenrs about this this evening which I might get round to using in posts. But it is bedtime now!

    @Neil Thank you for this. I didn't get on so well with Zotero because I don't always use Firefox and ... well, I guess it is horses for courses. I do really like the way that I learnt to integrate GReader with CiteULike though.

  4. Hi, your blog looks ge

    I've been using RSSOwl for couple of months in addition to Google Reader, it is opensource, has less social sharing options but has some e.g. share out to delicious and others.

    I don't think there is a web version (but may be wrong).I can't use on a phone (use Google reader for that) but I've found when I've got feed overload from Google, RSSOwl has better organising options for grouping, filtering, labelling, sticky notes etc so if I am focusing on a specific topic for a while, I can just concentrate on that.

    I will have to check re grsshopper, was the original release (it has a link to download from Sourceforge there). I thought Stephen Downes said somewhere on CCK09 that they were using there so just assumed..but maybe its not. I was waiting until I am more open-source friendly(am hoping to set up own open environment, use an open operating system which am not currently doing, at some point in the near future). If I find anything will definitely reply back.

    I don't know if there is something similar available for physiotherapy but I am interested in trying to organise alerts and resources around that area, so would be happy to share / join / combine anything, if of interest / others not already doing.

    Warm wishes


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