Wednesday, 24 March 2010

First Prezi Presentation!

This was my presentation at #cu_tee today. Prezi is a lot of fun to work with and to present with. Ths presentation is based on a template available on the Prezi site which I reused. I recorded audio of my presentation and if I had used Powerpoint you would now be looking at a Slideshare with sound! But Slideshare doesn't support Prezi, and Prezi does not support hosting audio on their own site. This is a BIG drawback.


  1. The few times that I played around with Prezi, I got seasick -- speedin through the presentations doesn't help matters much!

    I can see the visual appeal though, and I feel that something like a journal review (where people flip through the pages at the same time) can really benefit from this approach.


  2. Thanks Clinton. Have you seen my next post which is the screencast so goes at real time:)
    No one complained of sea-sickness at least! I liked this template because it didn't have too much spinning around.


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