Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Is it worth it?

My course blog is still running but no students comment so it is a very uni-directional conversation. I'm not even sure that they are reading it.

They have started using the discussion forums again... some of them. If they email me a question directly I encourage them to post on the board instead so that the other students can see my reply.

But would I be better going the 2 miles down the road to where the students live day to day and booking a room for an hour once a fortnight and letting them know that they could come and ask me any questions they wanted?

Well, I've decided to try that too. So I've just booked a room in Biosciences. It was my first experience of using the online room booking system and I was surprised to find that only lecture theatres were available. That is because not only do I live 2 miles away but I am in a whole different school.

Anwyay. let's see who comes along!

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