Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Quality Counts

My colleague, Lynn Knight, organised a very successful one-day conference in Cardiff today. I was particularly interested in a keynote address by Glenn Regehr and a presentation by Alan Bleakely.

Glenn's presentation focussed on what I would call a complexity thinking approach to medical education. He was clear that just answering 'does it work' is not enough. Instead we need to know about the processes along the way which lead to our successes and failures. I can't help thinking that the format of journals and conferences at the moment do not really facillitate this kind of knowlege sharing and generation.

Alan's presentation "Medical Education Research at a Crossroads" discussed his work developing a new postgraduate medical education research programme at Peninsula Medical School. He predicted that we are moving towards a Multitude model of power, with power resting in the flows of networks and meshworks. I am still fascinated by how as an outsider one accessed and finds these networks. Without transparency it can not really be democratic.

If their presentations become available I will link to them.


  1. Would be interested to see the presentations that you mentioned.

  2. Unfortunately they don't seem to be available yet but if and when I will definitely let you know.


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